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Time Traveler

Homeschooling Program

History in the Present

The Time Travelers Program at the Westport Historical Society began in January 2020 for regional home educated families. The mission of the program is to demonstrate how dolls and bears can be used to teach about the past and to instill a lifelong appreciation for doll collecting. The United Federation of Doll Clubs Doll Museum is partnering with the Society as part of this education mission.

A monthly newsletter is prepared and distributed by email to interested subscribers. The newsletter highlights a person, event, or organization of historical significance, activities, suggested readings, and features one or more dolls or bears.


What Do Participants Do?

Participants will gather monthly from April through October to enjoy fellowship and learning opportunities. The base of operation is the Harris-Kearney Historic Home in Westport.


Field trips will also be planned to regional points of interest and that are in keeping with the interests of the participants and subjects being explored.

The Time Travelers are encouraged to keep a journal, select a year or era of interest to research and explore, and to share results through living history presentations to the group.

At present, the funding for the program is made possible through donations. Expenses for field trips are provided by the participating families.

 Paper Towel Rag Doll 

New Twist to an Old Craft.

These are the Paper Towel - Doll Rag Dolls

This quick and easy to do adapted pioneer project uses easy to find items. The supplies needed are paper towels, brown napkins,

tape or rubber bands, twist ties, and scissors.

Create a Paper Towel Rag Doll, Part 1

Create a Paper Towel Rag Doll, Part 2

rag doll.jpg
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