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on MAY 6th at Tammy's BOOK SIGNING, or
at Prairie Point Quilt & Fabric in Overland Park, or 
at Pryde's Kitchen in Westport

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EVERY QUILT HAS A STORY: The Tammy Reid Quilt Collection  2022

By Marty Wiedenmann Jarvis and Christine Pembrook


This book is the result of Tammy Reid’s generous willingness to loan her quilts for a major fundraising exhibit and public trunk show in 2021, and to share personal photos of her quilts, family, home, and the stories about them. All monies raised from the book sale will support the Westport Historical Society's education programs and public research services. 


$25.00   Perfect Bound Paperback 9” x 6”

Your purchase of Every Quilt Has a Story is TAX DEDCTIBLE!

Book Review

When the Westport Historical Society reached out to the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival in 2021 about having a sampling of Tammy Reid's quilts as a Special Collection in our biennial Festival, we were honored to be a part of promoting and supporting the 1855 Harris Kearney House Museum. The local quilt guilds that volunteer their time and efforts to support the KCRQF felt Tammy's gorgeous quilt collection would also be supporting the Festival's mission of "connecting quilters with the education, skills, information and resources they need to stimulate an interest in quilting and to promote and advance the knowledge of quilting in all its forms." 

Every quilter will be proud to add "Every Quilt Has a Story...The Tammy Reid Quilt Collection" book to their quilt book library, to not only further their education on the history of quilting, but to find ideas for

making their own quilts so people for generations can love and admire their quilts as Tammy Reid does in collecting just a small part of history for her enjoyment.

~ Kathy Limpic, 2023 Co-Chair of the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival  

About the Book

Quilting is an Art Form, and much more. When Tammy pulled out her beautiful quilts from every nook and cranny in her house to loan them to us, she told us about them saying often, “every quilt has a story.” This is not a “how-to-quilt” book or one only a serious quilter or professional quilt historian would enjoy. It is a book about old quilts but it has something for everyone!  As the result of the Westport Historical Society's Quilt Extravaganza in 2021, which featured 60 out of over 150 quilts belonging to Tammy Reid, you will get to know more about her and her life as the the Head Coach, of the Head Coach, of the World Champion Kansas City Chiefs, and her husband, Andy Reid. The book features sections about the actual Quilt Exhibit in the 1855 Harris-Kearney Historical House Museum in Kansas City, her "trunk show" during Tammy's Talk, photographs and quilting details about each of the quilts in the exhibit, Tammy's personal stories she shared about her quilts, and photos featuring Tammy at home with her quilts and family.

Family members and owners such as Tammy may pass down stories about each quilt, such as how it was made or by whom, and during a certain era or year. However, some stories or details which have been passed down through generations or told by individuals who sell old quilts, may or may not always be accurate. The language of quilts is interpreted by quilt historians to help authenticate details. Through the clues and characteristics within or on the surface of each quilt, the historian will recognize a date or date range supported by the evidence of fabrics, thread fibers, dyes, batting or wadding, method of quilting, binding, and patterns. Christine Pembrook’s years of experience working with historic quilts is evident in the book as she offers insight into the quilter’s style of work or techniques used during the construction of all 60 quilts.

EVERY QUILT HAS A STORY: The Tammy Reid Quilt Collection is sure to satisfy anyone’s interest whether a serious quilter, a quilt enthusiast, someone simply interested in what Tammy Reid has in her collection, or why she has collected so many quilts. The warmth with which this book illustrates the beloved collection of someone whose life is filled with family, faith, and football, is heartwarming and is sure to make a connection with everyone.



  • 225 full color pages.

  • More than 60 of Tammy Reid’s quilts are featured.

  • 23 or more personal stories of Tammy’s about the quilts in her collection.

  • 360 vivid color photos including many close-up details of quilts in Tammy’s collection, images of quilts on exhibit during the Quilt Extravaganza, Tammy at home with her quilts, the Tammy Talk Trunk Show, and numerous family photos depicting life with quilts in the Reid home.

  • Construction dates or periods for each quilt ranging between the mid-1800s and today.

  • A variety of fun and educational information about the 60 quilts in the collection are described.

  • Language: English


Additional Details

Print length: 230 pages

Language: English

Publisher: Westport Historical Society, Kansas City

Publication dates:

First Print: September 1, 2022

Second Print: November 1, 2022

Dimensions: 9 x 1 x 6 inches

Price: $25.00 and tax deductible!

Westport Historical Society

Westport Historical Society (WHS) in Kansas City, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization which manages the 1855 Harris-Kearney House Museum, education programs, events, and research services it offers to all members of our community, and visitors from around the world.

WHS actively preserves the unique moment in history of the great Westward Migration by sharing the stories of the birth of Kansas City and by providing educational programs and historical research behind Westport’s role in shaping of society in America. Westport is filled with legend and history dating back to the area’s first citizens. Our small neighborhood today is in the heart of Kansas City and was the foundation where Kansas City was born. Prior to the Civil War, Westport prospered as the eastern portal of the western trails. All three of the western trails – the California, the Oregon and the Santa Fe were one in the same in Kansas City as they embarked on their journey heading west on present day Westport Road, passing beyond the Missouri state line, the furthest western boundary of the United States. Kansas City is home to four of the Congressionally designated National Historic Trails of the National Trails System (Oregon, California, Santa Fe and Lewis & Clark). WHS is a Freedom's Frontier Star Partner. The Harris-Kearney House and WHS are members of The Santa Fe Trail Association.  The 1855 Harris-Kearney House is on both the National Register of Historic Places and on the Kansas City Register of Historic Places.


  • on-line for pickup or with pre-paid shipping

  • during the Book Signing Event  May 6th

  • in-person at:

    • the Harris Kearney Historical House Museum in Westport

    • Pryde's Kitchen in Westport

    • Pairie Point Quilt & Fabric in Overland Park, KS

Tammy Reid with Christine Pembrook at Tammy's Talk



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