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1855Harris-Kearney House


The Westport Historical Society (WHS) was established in 1950 to promote and foster public interest in and preserve the significant history of Westport, Missouri and Town of Kansas, Missouri and their founders.   The Westport Historical Society was incorporated in 1964 as a tax exempt, non-profit organization.  


The office headquarters for the Westport Historical Society is in the Harris-Kearney House, 4000 Baltimore. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Harris-Kearney House serves as a public museum as well. Please call us at (816) 561-1821 or contact us to schedule individual or group tours!

Mission Statement

 To Preserve, Protect, and Promote the history of West Port,

the Town of Kansas, and early Kansas City.

WHS Programs
  • Junior docent education program for youth ages 5 through 19

  • Tours of the many historic sites in the Westport District, Westport Battlefields and other history tours

  • Publications on the history of the region, including the Westporter, WHS publication of history and news

  • Regular dinner meetings and special events that bring in fascinating regional speakers and feature programs of historical interest

  • Library and archives with extensive research opportunities.

Special Projects
Pioneer Park Westport KCMO

Our special projects have included the installation of markers at historic sites.  With the Native Sons of Kansas City, we created Pioneer Park at Westport Road and Broadway.  

The park, two blocks from our headquarters in the Harris-Kearney House,  features the heroic-size bronze monument of Westport and Kansas City’s founding fathers  Alexander Majors, John Calvin McCoy, and James Bridger.  Pioneer Park, is located at the historic intersection of Santa Fe, Oregon Trails and California Trails which are commemorated on a large terrazzo map.

Whether you are a full-fledged historian, an armchair history buff, or a person who recognizes the importance of preserving our heritage for future generations, the Westport Historical Society is here for you.
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