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Native Gardens & Vineyard Team
The Harris-Kearney Museum's Community Native Gardens & Vineyard Project

We believe it is our responsibility to dedicate one of our many projects to giving back to the community. If you love to garden but have limited access to dirt in which to plant, or would like to establish a vineyard to make your own wines, we have the land you can use to do so. Whatever food you grow is yours to keep, donate to a food bank, or donate to our educational program of “Learn to Grow what You Eat.”

Our goal is to sponsor a group of individuals who love to garden, who want to be good stewards of the “green” industry, and who will dedicate their effort toward establishing and maintaining the Harris-Kearney Community Gardens and Vineyard. It takes a village to raise a child, well, it takes a community of dedicated citizens to help turn available ground into sustainable gardens which will enhance and beautify our neighborhood, feed people, and even help us educate how to do so with plants and flowers native to this area. 


By supporting the educational value of teaching valuable life skills such as how to grow what you eat and how to create landscapes which instill a sense of pride in our community, your labor of love for gardening could help many.

If you would like to discuss your love of flower, food or vineyard style gardening, and explore with us what would be involved, please contact us. 

Hattie's Garden beds, on the right side of the veranda's steps, were once used for herbs and other plants for food preparation. The purple bushes are lilacs.

The above two photos are from the left and right sides of the walkway leading to the veranda's steps.

Above: the north and south sides of the parking lot entrance today, filled with bulbs and daylilies, and weeds.

These three photos are the shaded Northwest corner of the property, overlooking the street.

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The southern section of the property was created as a Natural Grasslands in xxxx and funded by a grant.

LEFT: The front flower bed is filled with iris bulbs which bloom each year.

MIDDLE: The south side of the house gets very hot sun all day long. Peonies are in this section today. This section needs help.

RIGHT: The front NE corner on 40th St. & Baltimore have sections on both sides of the fence, ready to be planted.

The Google Earth arial view captures the majority of the property sections:

a) The front yard, on the east side of the house.

b) The flower garden, hidden by the trees, on the south side of the main house.

c) The two garden beds on each side of the deck steps.

d) The shaded patio glider section on the NW corner.

e) The Native Grasslands on the south side of the parking lot.

f) The potential for a vineyard is the square grass covered section in the unfenced section of the yard. , The furthest west half of it is not in the photo. The full  section sits on the west side of the parking lot, and behind the grey roof building. 

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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